Belmond-Klemme High School: Easton

Name: Easton

School: Belmond-Klemme High School

Year: Sophomore

Sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track

Greatest Athletic Achievement: Easton was selected to the North Iowa All-Area Baseball Team and is ranked as the number one quarterback in the state in Class 1A.

During his freshman year of high school while playing quarterback in a varsity game, Easton took a hard hit to his right shoulder.  Although the pain from his injury increased, Easton was able to finish off the football season and even start up basketball. However the pain eventually became unbearable and after visiting the doctor, Easton learned that he had torn his labrum.

Easton and his mom did some research and looked beyond northern Iowa for a surgeon. They were eventually led to Des Moines to see Iowa Ortho sports medicine specialist Dr. Steven Aviles who performed an arthroscopic superior labrum anterior and posterior (SLAP) repair. For several weeks after the surgery Easton used an immobilizer and then dedicated himself to months of physical therapy so he could improve his range of motion. Easton resumed baseball this summer and had a very successful season as he was named first team All-Conference as an infielder.  He was also able to return to football this fall as the starting quarterback.


Pictured above: Easton playing in his first baseball game after shoulder surgery at Iowa Ortho.  (Photos courtesy of Turner Imaging of Belmond, Iowa.) 

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