Virtual Visits

Iowa Ortho doctors offer Virtual Visits to care for patients with musculoskeletal health concerns. Using live video, our physicians are able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients without the need for an in-person visit. This convenient and accessible service allows for patients to receive the care they need, no matter their geographic location.

Please contact Iowa Ortho at 515-247-8400 or request an appointment online to determine if a virtual visit is appropriate for your orthopedic health needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Virtual Health?

Virtual health is the delivery of healthcare using modern communication methods. Iowa Ortho is using secure video chat.

What type of virtual visits are available?

  • Follow-Up Appointments 
  • Post-Operative Visits
  • Immediate Orthopedic Care Consultations
  • Initial Visits

What if I require a x-ray or MRI?

If at the time of a telemedicine evaluation the clinical team determines that there is an urgent issue, patients may arrange an in-office visit for necessary testing or treatment per the guidance of the treating provider. 

What is the cost of a virtual visits?

Telemedicine visits will be billed to a patient’s health insurance. Per visit costs are similar to a traditional office visit. All insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid, now cover virtual visit options to encourage social distancing without the interrupting needed care.

How do I schedule a virtual visit?

Call our office to schedule a visit or request an appointment on our website and our scheduling department will call you to schedule your visit.

I have never been to an Iowa Ortho doctor. Can I schedule a virtual health appointment for my first appointment?

Please call our scheduling department to determine if you are eligible to use this option.

What kind of device do I need to participate in a virtual visit?

The concept behind virtual visit is for your doctor to see you and your injury, and discuss treatment options. You must use a device that can make phone calls, has video capabilities, a microphone, and audio. Your mobile phone, either iOS or Android, or iPad are all acceptable methods.

Will I need Wifi?

WiFi is not required, however, it is highly recommended because you need the ablity to connect to the internet. If you do not have WiFi, you need a mobile device with LTE, 4G or 3G services.

What type treatments are provided?

Your Iowa Ortho provider can order testing such as MRI, CT, Electrodiagnostic studies (EMG/NCS), and X-rays. Treatments including injections, physical or hand therapy, prescription medications, and bracing can also be ordered.

How long will my visit last?

Typically you can expect your visit to last 15 minutes or less.

Which doctors are available for virtual visits?

Most of our doctors are available for Telehealth consultations. We have doctors from every orthopedic specialty team participating in our Telehealth program. So whether you need sports medicine, hand, foot & ankle, joint replacement or spine specialist – we have you covered!

What if I have imaging?

If you have had any MRI’s, X-ray’s, CT scan’s, etc., for the body part you have made an appointment for, please have that available for us. We do have electronic access to any previous imaging that you may have completed at any Iowa Ortho location.

What are some tips for telemedicine visits?

While you will need no special equipment to complete a telemedicine visit, below you will find some tips to ensure your visit goes as smooth as possible.

  • Telemedicine visits are best completed in a quiet space where the patient will experience as few interruptions as possible.
  • Use headphones if available.
  • Reduce the volume of speakers to prevent feedback.
  • If using an external microphone (not necessary) , move the microphone away from the speakers to reduce echo.


Dr. Mahoney explains the benefits of Virtual Visits.