How Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery (MIS) can change your life Foot Health
How Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery (MIS) can change your life

Foot surgery can be an overwhelming process, especially when you are thinking about the recovery process. To pair with our bunion blog, we are going to discuss Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery (MIS)

MIS surgery allows for:

  • Less Soft-Tissue Damage
  • Less Pain
  • Faster Recovery
  • Less Visible Scarring

MIS Process

  1. You will be administered ankle-block anesthesia to numb your foot.
  2. Tiny keyhole incisions are used to allow access to the bone around the bunion.
  3. Special-designed instruments are used to cut the bone growth and release the soft tissue.
  4. Your surgeon will then begin the process of realignment of the big toe joint using pins and/or screws.
  5. The incisions will be closed with stitches and a sterile dressing will be applied.

Pins or screws are used to maintain the correction.

  • Pin fixation: after the bone is cut and shifted a pin is inserted to hold the toe straight. The pin will stick out of the big toe temporarily for approximately four weeks. The pin will be removed in the clinic, with minimal to no pain.
  • Screw fixation: 2-3 screws will be placed in the bones to maintain correction of the bunion deformity. These screws can be removed at a later date if desired.
  • Pin/Screw fixation: a mixture of both pin and screw fixation. The pin will be removed in the clinic at approximately 4 weeks with little to no pain. The screw will remain intact to provide additional stability once the pin is removed.

MIS is an outpatient procedure removing the need for an overnight hospital stay. This procedure also allows you to walk immediately in a special shoe. With the flexibility and ease into your everyday routine post-surgery, MIS is a great option for bunion surgery.

It is always best to consult your provider to ensure you are getting the proper care for your bunion. If you have any questions please call Iowa Ortho at 515-247-8400 or request an appointment online.