Location, Location, Location

Physician: Ben Beecher
Patient: Nancy

For the past decade, Nancy had been no stranger to pain.

She first came to Iowa Ortho in 2005 to seek treatment for her right knee, which was resolved with a successful arthroscopic surgery. But then in 2012, Nancy fell on that same knee. After a year of on-again, off-again pain, she found herself back at Iowa Ortho.

She learned that she had devloped osteoarthritis in both of her knees. After a few futile injections, non-surgical treatment prooved to be no match for the arthritis. Instead, she needed total replacement surgery on both knees.

Because Nancy lives in Melcher-Dallas, receieving care closer to home was important for her. Fortunately her Iowa Ortho surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Beecher, provides services including hip and knee replacement surgeries at Pella Regional Health Center. Rather than making the trip to Des Moines and traveling to a less familiar area, she was able to have the surgery closer to home. She was also able to receive care at Iowa Ortho’s outreach clinic in Knoxville, which is a short 20-minute drive from her home.

“Many patients have been pleased with the option of having surgery closer to home,” says Dr. Beecher. “It has made the surgical experience easier on patients and their families.”

At her latest follow-up appointment, Nancy reported to Dr. Beecher that she has no complaints. She is very satisfied with her results.

“Nancy has been a wonderful patient throughout her treatment course,” says Dr. Beecher. “She has had a very positive outlook on her recovery process and has done very well.”