Yvonne’s Story
Yvonne’s Story

Yvonne’s Journey from Texas to see Dr. Aderibigbe

At 74 years of age, I had been living with pain in my left leg for over a year. I thought it was related to a muscle injury I suffered from getting on a horse. Finally my primary care physician decided we should have X-rays taken to rule out any skeletal problems. The radiologist report disclosed severe osteoarthritis of the left hip and a total hip replacement was indicated. My primary care physician said that there were no orthopedic surgeons in nearby west Texas that he would recommend.

Our daughter is a physical therapist with a clinic in Windsor Heights, Iowa, and she was familiar with the reputation of Dr. Aderibigbe as an expert in the anterior approach for total hip replacement. Even though we knew we would have to travel hundreds of miles for surgery, I decided that Dr. Aderibigbe and Iowa Ortho would be perfect for my needs.

To avoid the need to travel 1,300 miles for a preliminary exam I had the radiologist’s report sent to Iowa Ortho and Dr. Aderibigbe and I had a telemedicine appointment for an initial screening. My surgery was promptly scheduled afterwards. The entire process with Iowa Ortho and Dr. Aderibigbe was like a smoothly oiled machine. Everything was thoroughly explained and the entire staff worked professionally to ensure that my surgery and recovery was uneventful. The addition of the “Joint Camp” curriculum made learning about preparation and recovery reassuring. Before being discharged from the hospital, I was visited by many professionals who answered all of my questions and made sure I was physically and mentally ready to continue healing on my own.

I am now eight weeks “post-op” and my recovery has been amazing. I used a walker for a few days as I paced at least one mile a day in our extended-stay motel room from day one. After my two week checkup I stopped using the walker entirely. I now walk at least a mile every day at our home here in Texas. As soon as I hit the seemingly magic date of eight weeks following my surgery, I have resumed pretty much everything I could do before, including riding my motorcycles which I had previously ridden more than 1,100,000 miles all over the world! Thank you Dr. Aderibigbe and Iowa Ortho!