Warm-up for Injury Prevention Sports Med
Warm-up for Injury Prevention

Whether you’re an elite athlete or the occasional walker, it is important to prepare your body before activity. The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine states that a proper warm-up can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Recent studies have shown that a gradual, dynamic warm-up is better for you than regular, static stretching. In fact, stretching a muscle that has not been warmed up properly can lead to injury.

How to Prepare Your Body:

  • Dynamic Warm-up:
    • Get your body moving and your heart rate up!
    • Your warm-up should be activity specific. For an example, if you’re going to go for a jog, start off taking a brisk walk with long strides. If you’re warming up before a game/sporting event, explosive strength exercises such as sprinting and jumping can prepare the body for sudden movements.
  • Stretch:
    • Stretch all major muscle groups that you will be using during your workout.
    • Stretching before activity keeps your body flexible. A flexible body equals less injuries.
      • Hold each stretch for 30-90 seconds, repeat stretch 2-3x.
        • Note: you should NOT stretch to the point of discomfort!

After completing your workout/exercise/sporting event, it is always a great idea to stretch again while your muscles are still warm.

Note that it is recommended you still stretch as much as you can to keep your muscles flexible.

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