Joint Replacement

At Iowa Ortho, we know how important mobility is to your happiness and independence. Stiffness and pain in your joints can limit your movement and interfere with your overall quality of life. These symptoms may be caused by severe wear and tear, injury or other conditions like osteoarthritis. Our goal is to provide each patient and individualized treatment plan to give you back your functionality and freedom.

Our physicians are experts in their field, providing leading-edge treatment options to help ease your pain. Iowa Ortho joint replacement specialists will work with you to provide conservative non-surgical treatment options before recommending a joint replacement. When non-surgical treatment options are exhausted, replacing the damaged joint with an artificial implant (prosthesis) may be the best option. We provide innovative techniques and utilize modern equipment to provide unmatched hip, knee, shoulder and ankle replacements.

One of our goals at Iowa Ortho is to get patients back on their feet after a joint replacement as soon as possible. We provide outpatient total joint surgery to appropriately selected patients, performing the surgery on the same day as the patient leaves the facility. Qualified patients can begin their recovery from the comfort of their own home, avoiding the need for an extended hospital stay.


Hip replacement (Direct anterior approach)

Hip replacement (Direct superior approach)

Partial hip replacement


Total knee replacement

Unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement.

Journey II Active Knee Solutions


Shoulder replacement

Total shoulder replacement

Reverse shoulder replacement


Ankle replacement

Outpatient Total Joint Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

Total Ankle Replacement