Bishop Pates’ Story
Bishop Pates’ Story

“My ministry as Bishop of Des Moines requires much motion and action as I confirm, ordain, and lead a wide variety of prayer events.

Relatively quickly, sustained pain developed in my right hip hampering my activity. My internist recommended me to Dr. Benjamin Beecher. Arranging an appointment quickly, an x-ray confirmed that bone on bone was the culprit for my constant pain. Dr. Beecher affirmed the results with a knowledgeable, kind and considerate style, generating confidence.

He outlined the options helping me to see that surgery and replacement of the right hip was the way to go. As we looked at a timetable I was concerned because it seemed that relief was weeks even months away – very discouraging for me in what lay ahead in my schedule. Reading my discouragement, Dr. Beecher reviewed his schedule and adapted it so that surgery could be done in a week.

The surgery at Mercy One’s West Des Moines Medical Center went splendidly. I was introduced to a set of post-operative exercises which I followed carefully. I was moving up and down steps in a few days eventually resuming liturgical services in two weeks.

Dr. Beecher encouraged me on the fast track without compromising any due precautions. His smile and accompaniment fostered confidence and I am happy to report that today I walk three miles frequently and am resuming a regular golf routine.  I am ever so grateful for Dr. Beecher. Not only for his skill, but for his openness to particular needs and circumstances.”