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Vantage Total Ankle Replacement

If you are suffering from loss of motion and pain due to ankle arthritis, let the Iowa Ortho foot and ankle specialists help you! Iowa Ortho is dedicated to being a leader in orthopedic care and we are thrilled to offer the Total Ankle Replacement as a treatment option for our patients. Dr. Joseph Galles is the first physician in Iowa performing the Vantage Total Ankle replacement.

What is an ankle replacement? 

An ankle replacement consists of removing the damaged bones and placing an implant made of medical quality plastic and metal to the area. The implant was created to mimic a patient’s natural anatomy to provide relief from arthritis while retaining mobility. Providing this procedure allows our patients the ability to return to their favorite activities.

See below the similarities between a healthy ankle and one with the Vantage implant pieces.


Ankle replacement surgery

Patients can expect to be in the operating room between two and three hours. An incision will be made on the ankle and the diseased portions of the bones and cartilage will be removed. Next, the implant components are placed accordingly, the wound is sealed, and a splint or cast is applied. Once the patient is discharged, they are free to go home.

Ankle replacement recovery

A majority of patients can return to partial weight-bearing activities three weeks after surgery, and all patients by six weeks. Every patient recovery experience is different, so be sure to talk with Dr. Galles about your progress. He will decide if physical therapy is right for you and what restrictions may need to be applied.

The physicians and staff at Iowa Ortho are always here to assist if you have any questions during your care process. Click here to view a full list of our foot and ankle services. If you would like to request an appointment with one of our foot and ankle specialists, click here or call our office today at 515-247-8400.